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Informachine GRABBER helps you save piles of information from the Web, and arrange it in different folders even when you go away for a meeting, or go for a walk in the park

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Organyze GRABBER

Organyze GRABBER brings you many features.

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Download from websites

With Organyze GRABBER, you can queue up all kinds of files in your wish-list – webpages, word documents, excel spreadsheets, PDFs, videos and images, presentations … build the queue as and when you come across some new content on the Web, and let them download in the background.

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Download from search engines

Download selectively from Google by selecting check-boxes and adding to your wish-list.

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Download in different location

Organyze GRABBER will download your desired files into different drives, folders and sub-folders as pre-selected by you – in the background, while you get busy with some other work. Or just go for a stroll. Or simply relax.