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We're thrilled to announce that all Organyze products have officially merged with Informachine!

This merger marks a new chapter in our journey, bringing together the strengths of both Organyze and Informachine to provide you with even more powerful and innovative solutions.

Note: All your existing organyze.com login details and license key will work smoothly on informachine.com.

Document management software for individuals & enterprise use

Organyze 3.1

File management software for personal use for managing documents efficiently.

Save time by finding files, folders, and emails very, very fast.

Automatically back up your files daily, and synchronize folders between two machines along with the tags. Learn more>>

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Organyze 3.1 BACKUP

Organyze 3.1 BACKUP software is a powerful and easy to use Backup tool enables you to backup your files and folders automatically.

Backup files and folders so that you can configure the backup process once and then forget about it – by saving settings for a scheduled automatic backup. Learn more>>

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Organyze 3.1 SYNC

Organyze 3.1 SYNC, a Windows sync application for desktops and laptops, takes care of the headache of keeping files updated in multiple devices in today’s fast moving world, where we use multiple computers and devices for work, social activity and fun.

Organyze 3.1 SYNC does not delete a file in the target folder if a similar-named file has been deleted in the source folder. Learn more>>

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Organyze Digital Office

An advanced intranet platform that covers file management, business intelligence, internal communication, and communication with external users (clients, suppliers, etc.) – including video conferencing.

  • File management
  • Back up & Sync Back up & Sync
  • Internal communication Internal communication
  • Business intelligence Business intelligence

Features of our document management software products

Organize files - The smarter way to manage files and stay in sync

Most of us have got so accustomed to searching for files manually in one sub-folder after another in different folders and drives,we hardly notice it takes a few minutes to find the file we need. If it took hours, we would, of course, notice.

But when we add up all those minutes, we realize that we are actually spending hours a week to find what we need. And sometimes we still can’t find it.

We also sometimes forget about older files containing useful information. We either do without that information or have to search for that information (or create it) all over again.

Further we work on different devices including desktop, laptop, pendrives, external disks- it is a pain to keep track of the updated file to work on.

There is always a threat of natural disaster or disk getting corrupt or accidental deletion of files.

Can we a have software to take care of all our file management needs including file and data backup, keep our files sync, retrieve files easily?

Solution: Once you start use file tags in Organyze, which is so convenient to use, you can use it to find files and emails instantly, irrespective of where they are located. Organyze gets you files based on their contents (tags) and not where they are stored.




  • Sync files and remain updated: One-way (which is more like a backup) or two-way
  • Include or exclude sub-folder
  • Include or exclude various file formats
  • Specify the data range for modified, created or accessed dates
  • Include bookmarks, labels and comments
  • Save your file synchronization settings to facilitate future syncs
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  • Take a backup of different folders in a drive to different parts of different machines or different drives in the same machine
  • Take a backup of folders online to ensure greater insurance against any damage or destruction of the premises in which your machines are located.
  • Maintain several versions of backed-up files
  • Scheduled backup to assure automatic backup, or manual backup of fixed settings
  • Backup your application data automatically
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Instant messaging

  • Instant messaging in the local network
  • Write a message, select one or more contacts in the network, and send
  • Attach and send a file along with a message
  • Receive a message along with an attached file from others.
  • Send and receive files along with tags (bookmarks, labels and comments)
  • Format message text (bold, italics, underline, and font colors)
  • Search / advanced search through messages to find previous messages
  • Share comments
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Organyze Digital Office

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