Exciting Announcement!


We're thrilled to announce that all Organyze products have officially merged with Informachine!

This merger marks a new chapter in our journey, bringing together the strengths of both Organyze and Informachine to provide you with even more powerful and innovative solutions.

Note: All your existing organyze.com login details and license key will work smoothly on informachine.com.

Organyze Digital Office - Benefits

Managing files - Key benefits

No more wasting time searching for files in your machine or in the network or on the cloud

Just run a query using any of these things (or all of them):

  • specific keywords
  • smart labels
  • last accessed date or date range
  • file type
  • within comments

You can also ask Organyze to find

  • duplicate files
  • the most recently accessed files

Spend your valuable time using information, instead of hunting for it.

Work faster - Key benefits

Automate time-consuming processes, e.g.,

  • bulk uploads to the cloud, along with tags
  • automatic labeling (tagging)

Use shared tags in the local area network and online.

Share large or small files offline/online, easily and securely.

Use built-in plugins for Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office:

  • attach labels/bookmarks without even opening Organyze

Preview documents without opening files.

  • Check different file versions resulting from corrections/editing while working on the most updated files to avoid confusion.
  • Every time a user makes changes in a file, team members with access will have an updated version of the file to work, along with its versioning history.

Don’t waste time referring to a dictionary – a built-in dictionary warns you if you spell something wrong

Don’t waste time pulling up a calculator:

  • a unique currency converter that comes with choices of lakh, million, billion, trillion, crore, etc., besides the choice of currencies
  • you also get a calculator to do the arithmetic

Team & file collaboration - Key benefits

Hold video conferences and video calls

  • invite prospects, and clients and other stakeholders too
  • upload meeting videos and share with select users

Create unique communication modules for discussions between team members

Use the Organyze internal messaging system for collaboration with team members.

  • text-to-speech – listen to text
  • speech-to-text – convert your speech to text
  • voice/video call – without using mobile phone
  • chat – and attach files to chats

Send a file to a client or supplier by creating a temporary link in Organyze, or use a temporary link in Organyze to allow a client or supplier to share their files with you. This works even when clients or suppliers do not have Organyze installed in their systems.

Use the discussion boards and document reminders in Organyze to facilitate workflow and quick decision-making.

Schedule to-do lists in an in-built diary.

Get Informachine, and Grabber, KM – Key benefits

Get updated with relevant business news from hundreds of web sources and share with team members/departments.

Maintain a list of important web sources in the built-in Grabber

Create your own knowledge management list – links to selected web sites and pages, or online videos, and such other stuff.

Sync files & folders - Key benefits

Automatically sync files. Save valuable time by ensuring that folders in two or more locations contain identical updated files without your having to check and copy and paste stuff manually.

  • sync external drives and other storage devices using pre-set criteria (e.g., file formats, date range); automate the process by saving sync settings
  • selective sync: include/exclude selected file formats/date range
  • sync seamlessly from a desktop, network drive or server to Organyze Online by using auto or manual sync settings

Organyze Sync does not delete a file in a target folder if a similar-named file has been deleted in the source folder (so you don’t become a victim of a careless error).

Backup files & folders – Key benefits

An automated backup – configured once by defining files, folders, destinations and backup timings – makes the process trouble-free.

You can also run a manual backup if you wish.

Flexibility of running an incremental or full data backup into drives of the same machine or drives of network machines or the Cloud.

Restore backed-up files or folders, all, or selectively.

Provision for maintaining backup versions on an external drive or storage device on/off premises for a complete restoration in case of an accident.

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