Exciting Announcement!


We're thrilled to announce that all Organyze products have officially merged with Informachine!

This merger marks a new chapter in our journey, bringing together the strengths of both Organyze and Informachine to provide you with even more powerful and innovative solutions.

Note: All your existing organyze.com login details and license key will work smoothly on informachine.com.

Multi-pane view

The 'Manage files / folders' function of Organyze allows you to open multiple panes in the same window. These include:

  • The main Organyze pane
  • Clicking on the Explorer icon immediately above the Organyze pane opens a Windows Explorer pane.
  • When you do that, another Explorer icon appears, clicking which will open one more Windows Explorer pane.


  • You can also get the Explorer view in another window by clicking on the Explorer icon at the top toolbar.
  • You can choose to work either in the Organyze pane or in the Explorer panes. You can do both if you like.
  • You can open files by double-clicking on the file name in the lists displayed in the Organyze framework – in the Organyze pane and in the Explorer panes – provided you have the relevant program installed in your machine.

Note 1: The compare, find duplicates, and export functions are available only in the Organyze pane.

Note 2: You can see details only for selections in the Organyze pane.


You can see previews of images as you take the cursor down a list in the Organyze pane. This helps to identify the file you need; it also shows up the duplicates when you do a search for duplicates. If you do not need the previews, just click on 'Preview off'.

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