Exciting Announcement!


We're thrilled to announce that all Organyze products have officially merged with Informachine!

This merger marks a new chapter in our journey, bringing together the strengths of both Organyze and Informachine to provide you with even more powerful and innovative solutions.

Note: All your existing organyze.com login details and license key will work smoothly on informachine.com.

Export / import labels

We know it can be a pain thinking up label names. So we have created a label bank (see below) from which you can import and select the ones you would like to use. You can also import labels from colleagues or friends who have already created a good label structure for their use. Once you have a good collection of labels, you can export them to other colleagues or friends.

Exporting labels:

To export your labels, use the link Labels > Back up labels. When you select the place to back up the labels, and click on the Take backup now button, Organyze will create an XML file, which you can send to a colleague or friend for them to extract from. (Remember where you have saved the XML file.)

Importing labels:

If you have received an XML file containing a colleague or friend's labels, you use the path Labels > Import labels to browse, get the appropriate XML file (you may have received labels from more than one colleague or friend), and click on "Get labels".

The imported labels will show in the left panel. You can add labels from there to your own set of labels (in the right panel) in two ways:

  • Go one by one, transferring a label from the left side to the right.
  • Select an entire group of labels (e.g., music, under which there may be specific labels for different styles of music or names of musicians; or companies, under which there would be names of different companies; or marketing, under which there would be different aspects of marketing) and transfer them to the right side. Organyze will check which labels you already have, and add those you do not, and add ones you do not have.

Note 1: Remember to select the group (or single label) on the left and the parent (one level higher) on the right before you click on the "Transfer label" button. So, if you already have a label group called 'Music' and the imported label set also has 'Music' but with more specific labels than you have, select 'Music' in the left panel and the next higher level in the right panel (which could be 'entertainment', or 'Labels' (the root). If you select 'Music' on both sides, then a new label set called 'Music' will be created within your already existing 'Music' label set.

Note 2: Your label structure can be different from the one in an imported set. The 'Music' label set on the left may have only the names of musicians under it. But you could create (or already have) categories like 'Classical' and 'Popular' under music, and pick musicians from the left and place them under these categories (classical musicians under 'Classical' and pop musicians under 'Popular'.

Note 3: You can rename the labels to suit your preferences. So, you could change 'Classical' to 'Western classical', and maybe add 'Jazz' and 'Rock' as additional categories. You could have a label called 'Channels' under marketing, or you could rename it as 'Dealers'. Use labels that you are most comfortable with, applying descriptions that you (or people in your organization) use most. That way, you will recall them very easily when you are looking for files.

Label bank

The label bank (available soon) is designed to make it easy for you to kick-start your use of Organyze by providing you with a choice of thousands of labels organized by subject. Go to www.organyze.com and download the label groups you need. Use them as they are, or modify them. The process of importing and picking from these label sets is similar to that used for importing labels sent by colleagues or friends (explained above).

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