Advanced back-up

Organyze enables you to back up your files automatically in your LAN or NAS or Cloud

Organyze enables you to back up your files and folders in a way that you can configure the backup process once and then forget about it – by saving backup settings for a scheduled backup. It also gives you enormous flexibility in backing up different folders in different ways.

Application data (labels, comments and bookmarks, and various settings, including your backup and synchronization pre-sets) as well as your files and folders.


  • Flexibilty of backup of different important folders in a drive to different parts of different machines or different drives in the same machine.
  • Back up your folders online to ensure greater insurance against any damage or destruction of the premises in which your machines are located.
  • Maintain different numbers of versions for different folders (e.g., you may wish to maintain only one additional version of an archived folder, from which you may access files once in a rare while, but maintain many (say, 10) versions of the most active folders, which you access every day, so that you can recall earlier content you have deleted).
  • Scheduled backup to assure automatic backup, or manual backup of fixed settings (Organyze remembers your backup settings).
  • There is no restore function for the backup of files and folders. The reason: unlike with some other backup software, Organyze backs up your files and folders in the normal way or, if you prefer it, in a compressed format. All you need to do is go to the location in which the backup is maintained, and open (or unzip and then open) the file.

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