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We're thrilled to announce that all Organyze products have officially merged with Informachine!

This merger marks a new chapter in our journey, bringing together the strengths of both Organyze and Informachine to provide you with even more powerful and innovative solutions.

Note: All your existing organyze.com login details and license key will work smoothly on informachine.com.


Organyze helps you synchronize folders in different machines (desktops, laptops), through the medium of storage devices like pen-drives.

By default, the synchronize module in Organyze does not delete files in the destination folder if they do not exist in the source folder. So you need not worry about loss of data as a result of synchronization.

You can choose to synchronize selectively:

  • One-way (which is more like a backup) or two-way
  • Include or exclude sub-folder
  • Include or exclude various file formats
  • Specify the data range for modified, created or accessed dates. The purpose of this feature: When you synchronize two machines with large storage spaces via a device like a pen drive with much less space, you need to delete the contents of folders from the pen drive. By setting dates, you ensure that older files are not copied to the pen drive all over again.
  • Include bookmarks, labels and comments

You can save your synchronization settings (i.e., source and destination folders plus the other conditions related to inclusion or exclusion of sub-folders, file formats and tags, and the specified date range). Once you have saved these settings, whenever you need to sync a folder, just select the desired setting from a stored list and click on the button 'Start sync'. You can also delete any of these settings, or edit them (as when you wish to change the destination folder, or the inclusion or exclusion of any item or data range).

Note 1: Why does Organyze distinguish between these two scenarios (when you wish to delete and when you should not delete)?

Let's say you need to copy to your laptop, say, only 10 files relevant to a client you are going to meet on your sales call, our of a total of 100 files in the source folder in your desktop; you do not copy the rest because it's not advisable to carry confidential information in your laptop (which could get lost or stolen) if you can avoid it. On your trip you edit three files and create two more files. On your return when you synchronize from the laptop to the desktop, the default setting in Organyze will merely copy the three edited files and the two new files to the desktop folder; it will not delete anything from the destination folder because it doesn't exist (or has been deleted) in the source folder. So you end up with 102 files in your destination folder in the desktop. If you allowed delete, you would have only 12 files because the remaining 90 would get deleted.

Why not use backup instead of synchronization in this situation? The reason is that the synchronization function also backs up the tags to your files and folders. So, if you have added labels or comments to some of the 10 files you have carried with you on your trip, or to the two new files you have created, these labels will get transferred to the desktop folder (which doesn't happen when you do a backup).

Note 2: This doesn't mean your labels cannot be backed up. In fact, your Organyze setup will not allow you to begin using the program until you have decided on a place to back up the 'application data', which means, primarily, your tags (bookmarks, labels, comments) and related information and settings. You have to do this as part of your set-up only once, before you begin using Organyze; you will get a message the first time; the message will not recur after that.

Note 3: You may attach bookmarks, labels and comments to files in a source folder without changing the files themselves in any way. In this case Organyze will sync the bookmarks, labels and comments with the destination folder without wasting time overwriting files that have not been changed.

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