File / folder details

When you take your cursor to a file in a list displayed in the Organyze pane of the 'Manage files / folders' module, you will see details related to the file in the left panel, in the pane under the heading 'Details'. The details seen include the number of items selected, the file name or names, whether the file is bookmarked, the labels you have attached to the file, and the text of the comments you have attached.

When you select many files in the displayed list, the Details pane will only show you the number of items selected, and the names of the selected files. You can see the other details by clicking on the 'Show details' button inside the pane and the details of all the files will be displayed in a tabular format in another window – including file name, comments, labels, bookmark, path, created date, last modified date, type, size, number of sub folders (if you have selected folders), and number of files.

Such a detailed listing can be useful for your housekeeping. You can see if, in a list of related files, some file is missing, which you then need to move from somewhere else, or acquire from a colleague or friend, or download from the Web.


You can export the tabular list to Excel for printing. This can aid you in your housekeeping.

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